Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia

Wayne phillis Ford & Kia, Contact Tracker Automotive

The Business
With over 35 years of experience in the car industry, Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia was established in 1985 and recently celebrated almost a quarter of a century providing “quality products and services at fair prices”.

Spreading both franchises (including used vehicles) across 2 sites, Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia has grown to become one of the biggest automotive dealerships in South Adelaide, currently employing 90 staff while still maintaining its family-owned roots.

The Challenge
Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia recognises that with the automotive sector being a very price-oriented industry, there is a need not just to sell cars, but to compete within the market.

Particularly in a tough financial climate, they recognise it is important to not just reach your customers, but to do this by identifying who they are and getting the product across. After all, many customers look for many different things, and seek them out in many different ways.

The skills and tools required to meet the needs of customers are always being upgraded, changed and becoming more sophisticated, so Wayne Phillis must also meet the challenge of computer knowledge on the part of staff to use the tools provided in meeting their goals.

ContactTracker aims to assist Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia to reach their customers.

The Solution
ContactTracker has given Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia the power to conduct customer communications in way that was previously impossible.

Through ContactTracker’s sophisticated identification of leads and customers, the dealership uses SMS mail-outs and bulk HTML email campaigns through the program to communicate with the younger market. It then uses the mail-merge capabilities for more traditional methods of communication with the customer segments where that resonates the strongest.

Primarily deployed with the Sales & Marketing divisions of Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia, ContactTracker allows for a complete transparent marketing-to-sales process at the dealership. Reports are generated for vehicle sales and/or prospects and then linked into existing Marketing campaigns. This allows for a variety of targeted, localised campaigns, providing extra sales focus.

And with ContactTracker’s Prospecting module in use across the organisation, it ensures the sales team never misses a lead or customer appointment, leading to Wayne Phillis having won the local Small Business Awards in South Adelaide 5 times in the last 9 years and finalists in the other 4.

The Outcomes
Since the introduction of ContactTracker to Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia, the dealership has seen a streamlining of the entire sales processes. Time management at all levels is improved as the sales team is able to effectively follow-up on leads, while managers can compile their information at the click of a button, rather than spending hours or days manually analysing logs.

Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia have been able to refine the way they look at the customers through their marketing campaigns, and it is easy to transfer the work of staff between various members of the team to ensure workloads are managed, while also maintaining a high customer and lead contact rate.

Importantly, ContactTracker’s web-enabled technology means that Dealer Principals can monitor the business from anywhere, even from overseas, in real-time.

And the results speak for themselves, with Wayne Phillis Ford & Kia selling over 160 cars a month, and recognising the part ContactTracker has played in business even picking up in tougher financial times.