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Westco Motors Choose Vital Softwares Contact Tracker & Vital Cars App as their complete Lead Management & CRM Solution.

Westco Motors who are a multi franchise dealer based in Queensland have chosen Vital Software’s ContactTracker for their complete Lead Management & CRM Solution.

As part of this project Vital Software have also created custom integration solution that allow for leads from multiple online sources to be automatically integrated into ContactTracker.

Online enquiries make up a huge part of any dealers overlall leads and Westco Motors in conjunction with Vital Software have implemented processes that ensure each lead is followed up in an effective and timely manner to ensure the dealership is given the best opportunity to book appointments, driving traffic to the dealership and increasing test drives and the actions that are proven to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Management now have the tools to track and measure their sales teams performance via our reprting suite making it easier to identify training opportunities and ensureing their sales team are constantly working towards industry best practice.

For the sales team, gathering prospect information and managing their clients throughout the road to sale has never been easier thanks to the Vital Cars App.

The Vital Cars App now allows them to:

The next project Vital will be undergoing with Westco Motors is setting up a fully automated CRM process including letters, email and SMS for both sales and service departmentrs ensuring customer satisfaction, efficient complaint resolution as well as repeat and referral business.

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