Business Development Centre

Business Development Centre

In a typical dealership environment there are multiple touch points that need to be achieved during the Prospect and Customer lifecycle to ensure the highest service levels are delivered.  These touch points can include follow-up phone calls, texts, and marketing communications such as “thank you for your pricing request” at the prospect phase,  “thank you for purchasing” and “welcome to our service centre” at the point of sale, and “happy anniversary” in the post-purchase/retention phase.  Multiply the number of communications by the number of dealerships within a dealer group and you get a substantial amount of activity to manage!

Given this fact, many dealer groups consolidate their efforts by creating Business Development Centres (BDC) which manage these processes centrally.  However, more often than not, there are multiple systems in use within the BDC – the DMS application, CRM tools, Lead Management Systems, OEM systems, and even “home grown” solutions created by the Dealer Group.  The more databases that exist, the more fragmented and fractured the process can become.  Vital Software deliver solutions for Business Development Centres that include:

Customer Survey Index Module

Designed to seamlessly improve Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) results. The Dealer Standards module allows for easy customer follow-up and continuous improvement.

Configurable so that the BDC is able to schedule customer contact points based on their own business processes, as well as measure customer satisfaction against CSI scorecards. Trend Reports allow the BDC to view data-driven graphical reports with drill-down functionality into individual customer problems.

Finally, our Process Improvement Worksheet allows the BDC to report on trends affecting CSI and follow a 4-step process improvement plan from root cause analysis through to success measurement.

Additionally, the BDC can utilize Vital Software’s extensive Marketing suite which provides is the ideal solution to Plan, Deliver and Report on marketing efforts across the dealer group.

Features include:

  • Campaigns
    Create, manage and analyse results from campaigns.
  • Target Marketing
    Select customers according to specific demographics using
    our intuitive “Quick Pick” data filtering wizard.
  • Wizards
    Launch mail, email and SMS wizards at the click of a
    button to send personalised communications.
  • Recurring Letters
    Save time with setting up repetitive letters. Print on
    schedule with ease!
  • Privacy and Security
    Conforms to government regulatory requirements providing
    privacy flags for all communication methods.
  • Familiar interface
    ContactTracker utilises the Microsoft suite of products
    including:Outlook for calendars and eMail; Word for letters and Excel for