Head Office CRM

Head Office CRM

Vital Software’s solutions for the Dealer Group include a fully featured CRM tool which can be deployed within a Dealer Groups’ head office environment and allows for the management of, among other things, consistent communications to all customers of the dealer group, regardless of the dealership they purchased from. The CRM tools include bulk, tracked email with full bounce-back and click-through reporting, bulk direct mail facilities, SMS and/or text messaging, and a free-form report writer tool that allows the head office to segment and analyse their prospect and customer data on demand.  Best of all, the dealer group can encourage brand consistency by standardizing look and feel, and campaign schedules for all customers of the dealer group.

Vital Software’s CRM solution always begins by integrating data from disparate sources throughout the dealer group environment.  These primary resource in this regard is the Dealer Management System data, but can also include existing marketing databases, 3rd party CRM tools, spreadsheet data, and more.
Vital Software’s solutions typically require a once off “load” of data from those databases that the dealer group wishes to retire, and then a periodic (often daily) batch update of data from those sources which continue to be active within the dealer group head office.  This synching ensures a seamless and continuous update of all databases within the environment.

Once these steps are achieved, the Vital Software database becomes the one repository for all things “customer”.  A typical head office database solution from Vital Software will allow Dealer Group head office associates to view each customer, their vehicle and service history (and the selling/servicing dealer detail), any contact with the Business Development Center within the individual dealerships and/or at head office, as well as each marketing contact made on behalf of the dealer group and/or dealer to each customer.