Chrysler UK and Motor Codes Ltd

Chrysler (UK) and Motor Codes Ltd, ContactTracker Automotive

Vital Software Ltd are delighted to announce the successful application of ContactTracker in collecting, integrating and managing DMS data on behalf ofChrysler UK and Motor Codes Ltd. Vital Software’s participation was to ensure secure data transfers from all Chrysler dealers to Motor Codes Ltd (A division of the SMMT – Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders).

Independent research, carried out by “Which” magazine-main UK consumer champion-has shown that Government created motor industry consumer body- Motor Codes – made significant progress in raising service & repair standards in UK garages.

Motor Codes has been highlighted in a BBC programme on garage service standards, as being a recognised, reputable body from which to select a garage for it’s service and repair qualities.

In order to enhance their service levels even further, Motor Codes Ltd were looking to both advance and improve their system for evaluating customer aftersales experience.

Already in place, Motor Codes Ltd has stage one OFT approval and is also backed by Trading Standards, Consumer Direct, the DVLA and VOSA, which operates the UK’s MOT testing stations. A further independent body (the RAC) utilise garage inspectors who check every Motor Codes affiliated garage in line with OFT guidelines (Code of Practise).

Chrysler UK – the selected “pilot” manufacturer – ran a programme whereby customers who had a vehicle service/repair on one day, were then securely “e-mailed” directly, to ascertain their opinions on the quality of customer service received at the Dealership. Allocation of a URN (unique reference number) enabled a true dedicated secure tracking of each individual survey, and response.

Vital Software ltd – using it’s unique ability to integrate with mainstream and bespoke Chrysler DMS systems – was able to provide a 24-hour online result service for both Motor Codes and Chrysler UK.

Chrysler’s adoption of the Motor Codes survey, as its nationwide gauge of quality, is an industry first that is set to further the brands reputation with both it’s loyal and new customers.