Isuzu Trucks selects Vital Software

Isuzu Trucks selects Vital Software

Isuzu Trucks Australia has selected Vital Software to provided data integration services for their centralised data warehouse project. The project is designed to increase dealer engagement with Isuzu by providing information, insights, analysis and additional value to data provided to Isuzu through integration with their Dealer Management Systems.

Within the project, Vital Software will provide data integration services – with customer, vehicle, service and parts transactions extracted from dealers’ Dealer Management Systems and aggregated into Isuzu’s Data Warehouse. This data is then able to be analysed to determine metrics like:

  • Customer retention by vehicle age so that dealers and Isuzu can best determine customer servicing behaviour and hence, retention by dealers and the brand, as their trucks age
  • Standardising service jobs so that customers have a consistent experience within service departments across the network
  • Average length of time from customer order to truck delivery – taking into account bodywork and other previously intangible elements in the delivery process

This analysis benefits customers by providing a consistent Isuzu experience across all dealers in the network. Dealers benefit through the provision of accurate data back to them on customer purchase, repurchase, servicing and parts purchase behaviour. Isuzu benefits, of course, through access to accurate network-wide data that can be used to make well-founded business decisions.

The data integration solution is bi-directional to most Dealer Management Systems – this will allow Isuzu to push updates to customer details all the way to the dealers’ systems without requiring staff at dealerships to rekey information. This time-saving will be a real benefit to both Isuzu and the dealerships, and will provide far greater accuracy with regard to maintaining customer addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Vital Software will provide additional services on top of the data integrated from the dealers’ systems, including a reporting portal so that dealers can see how they are performing; a marketing solution so that dealers can manage service and vehicle marketing campaigns; and a CRM tool for managing customer contact.