Subaru (UK) HUB – Golley Slater

Subaru (UK) Hub Golley Slater, ContactTracker Automotive

The Business
Established in 1957, Golley Slater is a privately owned, independent marketing solutions group which offers a comprehensive package of marketing and communications services via 11 offices, employing over 350 people across the UK.

Operating out of their Leeds office, Golley Slater provides a Contact Management and Lead Generation Solution to IM Group across the Subaru, Isuzu and Daihatsu brands with the belief that “Your ROI is our KPI”.

The Challenge
Golley Slater recognises that effective lead generation and sales conversion is vital to the automotive industry.

Within the current global financial climate, they recognise the importance of talking to the right audience about things that interest them at the right time. They believe that an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy should also operate a PRM (Prospect Relationship Management) – keeping the balance between ensuring current customer retention whilst maintaining a long-term plan through lead generation.

It is in PRM that Golley Slater assists the dealer network, focusing on the generation of new, high quality leads, test drives and sales for dealerships enabling them to focus more on converting those leads and marketing to their current customer base.

With ContactTracker rolled out across the Subaru and Isuzu dealer network, Golley Slater need an effective means of channelling leads through to dealerships whilst still being able to nurture them and monitor the dealers’ progress.

ContactTracker aims to assist Golley Slater provide a fast effective solution.

The Solution
With ContactTracker Automotive already in use across the dealer network, it has given Golley Slater the ability to generate and nurture leads in a uniquely effective way.

Using the same interface as the dealers, the HUB uses ContactTracker’s prospecting and reporting tools to qualify down leads from multiple data sources, including the manufacturer websites, cold list data, direct mail and inbound phone enquiries. The HUB can then assign any lead to any dealership very easily and the lead will appear in the dealerships ContactTracker database within minutes.

Using ContactTracker’s unique data integration technology, the HUB is able to view the full history of the lead at any given time and can maintain a relationship with the prospect and help the dealer nurture the lead into the future, providing IM Group a 360 degree view of all generated leads. The system also allows the dealer to see any correspondence the HUB is having with their prospects.

The Outcomes
The implementation of ContactTracker in Golley Slater has improved test drive conversions since the HUB took control of Subaru’s central lead management. It has given the management team an effective tool for monitoring all aspects of the sales pipeline, using complex custom reports developed for their specific needs.

ContactTracker’s marketing tools have enabled the HUB to quickly process brochure requests, producing mail merged letters and promotions to send to large sets of leads from a single interface.

The reporting available has given them the ability to target the right people at the right time, to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness throughout the entire pipeline – providing IM Group with a detailed view of the overall sales pipeline at all times. The HUBs team is able to transfer work easily between team members at any time, aiding effective time and workload management and allowing them to focus their efforts to improve sales conversions.

The ability to monitor dealer progress with assigned leads means the HUB can ensure that no lead goes unnecessarily “cold”, if unactioned by the dealer, the HUB can pick up the lead and continue to nurture the lead through the sales process.

Because of ContactTracker’s web-based technology, the management team at the HUB are able to check their data live, at any time of day, from anywhere, meaning they can track their leads even when visiting dealerships directly.

Overall, the Hub and ContactTracker have taken the onus away from the dealership to qualify down centrally generated leads, they are now provided with high quality leads at the right time, straight to their own ContactTracker account, avoiding messy emails, printouts and removing the need for multiple systems.